Step 1: Build

Setup your mall website online

Design your virtual mall and choose which functionalities you want to incorporate into your website.

The way it works is simple. We will initially provide you with design mockups that you will be able to choose from to create the look and feel of your website. Once this is done and after you have decided which functionalities you will want for your mall website, we will integrate your design with our e-SPACE Retail Marketing Tool (RMT), which contains a web-based content management system, and get you ready for the launch! Our approach is fast, reliable and cost efficient.

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Step 2: Promote

Increase and convert virtual traffic to foot traffic inside your mall

Focus is on creating and increasing the amount of online traffic going to your mall website and then converting this traffic to real foot traffic inside your mall.

The web is changing consumer behavior and people are now searching online via major search engines like Yahoo and Google for products, brands, sales/promotions that may be available in their local community Mall. Consequently, our goal is to make this type of information readily available on those main search engines to help drive foot traffic into your Mall and increase your sales per square foot.

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Step 3: Generate

Use your mall website as an advertising platform and generate more revenue

Use your mall website as an advertising platform that targets "high intent to buy" shoppers while generating advertising revenue in the process.

After we have generated enough virtual traffic to your Mall website, we will able to generate some advertising revenue for all of your online properties. It all comes down to the number of impressions your website pages have. Once your average gets up there, we will be able to setup web media campaigns through our advertising network in order to help you generate advertising revenue from your online presence.

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You'll get to see just how easy it is to get your shopping centre online so you can introduce yourself and your tenants to even more shoppers from your local area and all over the country.